April 15, 2017

Morocco Tanger Tours

This year I decided I want to combine my hobby with helping my friends. I've been traveling in Morocco my entire life, and met a lot of people in tourism I can call my friends now. I try to help them by gaining business via a new website:

The website is supported by Morocco Tanger Tours Twitter and Morocco Tanger Tours Instagram.

Who knows, maybe I can make a living with my hobby, traveling in Morocco...


See you in Morocco!

New website: Nadia's world!

I have a website where I update my resume. So when I'm in need of a new job I'm prepared. You never know when the urge for a new challenge turns up. It's a simple website, but has proven it's use numeral times.

Simple, but a little outdated, time for an update. Fresher, brighter, more responsive and ready to publish about some new projects and adventures. Check it out!

March 27, 2017

Change focus from operational to managing BiSL level!

I work as Business Information Manager for a Dutch University. The last 3 years I'm switching between the operational and managing BiSL levels. Result: a wide range of (to) diverse tasks and a lot of wasted time. Very inefficient. So my challenge for the next few months is to transfer my operational tasks to my colleagues and focus on the managing level.

March 26, 2017

Share my travel experiences!


I love to travel. My favourite coutry to explore is Morocco. I like sharing my travel experiences via this blog and my Google Maps, TripAdvisor and Lonely Planet Thorn Tree profiles. Follow my experiences there if you like.

See you there!

July 26, 2016

Swinging workdays!

Hi all,

when working full time, work has to be as pleasant as possible. Here are my favorite radio stations, getting me through my work day swinging and singing:

Enjoy your workdays!