December 21, 2017

Morocco: four days in Tanger

6 days, of which 2 are spend mostly on traveling, 4 days of time to relax in Tanger.

Day 2: we walked to the famous Café the Paris for breakfast. After some time watching people go by, we headed into the medina. We wanted to find the tomb of Ibn Battuta. And we did. And by doing so I explored a new part of the medina I haven’t been before. After we walked down to the little museum within hotel Continental. Go back in time and wander in the atmosphere of 1001 Arabian nights. From the hotel we walked along the new path along the renovated fortress wall overseeing the port.

Day 3: We got up early, took a nice walk along the beach and enjoyed a nice Moroccan and Andalusian breakfast. After we took a taxi up to café Haffa for a nice talk and tea. After we walked via the Phoenicians graves and the Kasbah down to the medina. When we got down to the beach we watched fishermen towing big fishnets from the sea on the beach. We watched them for a while after which we walked on the beach to the other side of the bay to the casino.

Day 4: After breakfast we took a taxi up to Cap Spartel. It is a beautiful sunny day, around 18 degrees, a nice wind from the land and the beaches are empty. We walked along the beaches to the Grote d’Hercule. A beautiful walk, climbing the rocks from the one closed off beach to the other. After some delicious salad and fresh caught and roasted sardines we headed home.

Day 6: aaahh, it’s already my last day. We just had time to have breakfast together before I have to catch the airplane to Amsterdam.

Another great week in my beautiful Morocco, hope to be back soon!

x N.

November 17, 2017

Experience Design: Kaospilot Aarhus Denmark

3 intensive training days at #Kaospilot #Aarhus A very fulfilling, mind teasing and a really changing experience! With an inspiring global team from: Denmark, Germany, Austria, The Netherlands, Italy, Spain, Norway, Brazil, US and Japan. #Grateful #KPUX #Thanks 

Experience design is the practice of designing products, processes, services, events, and environments with a focus placed on the quality of the user experience. By guiding attention, surpassing expectations and engaging people emotionally. Ultimately… Experience Design: Should make peoples life better and solve their problems (even ones they didn’t know they had.)

X N.

September 25, 2017

Morocco: an authentic and relaxed experience!

Another trip to magical Morocco. 

This time I flew with two friends from Amsterdam to Marrakech. At Menara airport our ways parted. My friends went to Imlil for a five day hike in the high Atlas to Toubkal. I went to the bus station and took the bus to Ouarzazate. It’s a beautiful drive through the high Atlas, over the Tizi n'Tichka pass. You’ll see the most amazing views. And traveling by bus in Morocco is comfortable and cheap.  

In Ouarzazate I met up with my friend from Merzouga. We walked around town and enjoyed a very nice Tajine. The next day we continued to Hassilabied via the Ziz valley. Hassilabied is a small town just before Merzouga. We stayed in his house and we just mingled into the local life. We had diner at the local neighbourhood kitchen, got water from the local wells. And walked into the high dunes to watch the magnificent sunset.

On Tuesday we visited the market in Rissani. We got nice fresh fruit: grapes, pomme granate, Hindi (cactus fruit), apples. After strolling through the market and the city centre we headed back to Hassilabied. They were the best six days ever. Back to the time when I was little and spend my summer with my grandparents in north Morocco. Lovely.

After six days I headed back to Marrakech where I meet up with my two Dutch friends again. In the middle of the Tize n’Tichka pass we drive into a traffic jam. Some people walked along the line of cars to figure out what was going on. After a while we found out we had to wait on construction activities. They we’re blowing up a piece of mountain to create a new road. It was very nice. All the people in the bus shared their food and water, talked, laughed. The boys ran into the woods and came back with wall nuts. We had a great tree hours.
We only stay in Marrakech for one night, only because we wanted to eat at Terasse de Epice again. Just like last time, it was delicious. In a very nice ambiance you dine under the starts on a rooftop in Marrakech. I must say it’s quite a culture shock, from the quiet Hassilabied to the busy and touristy Marrakech. After a nice quiet night sleep in a beautiful riad in the middle of the medina we head to Essaouira.   

Essaouira was a nice relaxed end of a great holiday. We had a beautiful, cool, quiet riad in the middle of the Medina. We strolled through the little streets, the port and along the beach during the day. In the evening we enjoyed delicious fresh catch of the day and enjoyed a nice hot tea on the terrace of the town square.

Again a great experience in beautiful Morocco.
I hope to visit again soon.


September 03, 2017

Experience Design: Kaospilot (singned up)!

I signed up for the course 'Experience Design' of Kaospilot this upcomming november in Arhus Denmark. Can't wait! I'll give you a report after.

Stay tuned...